Like many, I struggle today to know how to go about ‘business as usual.’ How do we address one another via email or over the phone or as we pass-by one another on the street in the wake of these tragedies? Our work carries on, especially as we build and strengthen communities, and seek to improve the wellness of others. But time and time again, we ask, where do we go from here? Last week, I wrote this to conclude my newsletter, and it resonates for me even more today:

I hope we turn on the news some time in the near future and hear report after report of how our efforts have paid off, that our struggles for social justice, environmental protections, human rights and equality, and the simple act of consistently treating one another with kindness and dignity dominate the news cycle. But alas, the past few months have been filled by devastating hurricanes, political tornadoes, racism and hatred, and the raw exposure that we simply have a long way to go.

I write this to express my gratitude and ruthless optimism for the hard work people put in every day. That despite recognizing what stands in our way and the hard challenges still ahead, we persist. With courage, compassion, and resilience, our community forges forward. I thank each of you for your daily actions and the fortitude of your commitment to bring about the better world we know is possible.