Are you mindful of how you spend large chunks of your time? Are you choosing how to spend your free time or is your time victim to routines, habits, or societal norms? Are you aware of habits that might be time sinks throughout your day? Are there things you do, because “everyone else does them?” This reflective worksheet prompts leaders who might feel like “there’s never enough time” to question that assumption for a moment and examine their habits.

Reflection & Contemplation

Take a moment and think through your last couple of days or the past week. Consider your daily habits and routines, the technology you use, the programs you watch, the food you eat, the things you say at work. Find something big or small that makes you ask, “Hmmm, why am I doing that?”

Why are you doing that?


Is that action serving you the way you want it to?


When did that action start?


Why did it start?


Have you ever considered what would happen if you stopped?


What would happen?


Do you want to change that action?


What would you need to make that change?