We coach individuals and organizations to design the solutions essential to their success. With a focus on leaders, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, and new professionals, we believe that by creating intentional time to think through challenges and address change, we can help you and your organization ascend to new heights, enriching the communities in which we serve.

While we face difficulties as a society, we believe in the incredible strength of people and communities to realize the innovative strategies that will bring about a better world.

The world is filled with ideas. People have them and share them everyday. Good ideas only matter though when we carefully transform them into solutions that we can actually implement. Our expertise is in the process of coaching leadership and designing strategy, a process which can be applied to bring your visionary idea into reality.

Looking for more clarity about what we do?

Check out our Coaching Programs and our Wellness Initiative to better understand the different areas where we focus our work, or see Strategic Planning to get a sense of what our innovation process looks like in action.

Wondering who runs this lab?

My name is Matt Gray and I’ve learned, worked, lived, served, and enjoyed a lot of laughter in communities for two decades, managing residential life and community service in high school and colleges, teaching courses on design thinking, training leaders and facilitators, and leading nonprofit organizations through incremental and innovative transformation. I am always engaging in my own personal and professional development to ensure my service and work have the greatest impact, but I find again and again that the best solutions exist within people and their communities. As the principal consultant, I collaborate with other talented professionals in many types of organizations and workplaces to make our lives and our communities matter. You can see more of my portfolio on LinkedIn. Even more important though, let’s start a conversation about how we can make the world a better place together.

Ready for some creative inspiration?

Our blog, “The Break Through” regularly provides an example of innovation, a lesson on an Innovative Leadership skill, or some insight into a paradigm shifting break through. Because you’re engaged in the creative process of community enrichment and improving lives, this content is a free thank you for you to enjoy and utilize.  Get inspired today.




Creativity is not the possession of one
special talent,
it’s much more
just the willingness to play.

— John Cleese
Actor, Writer, Producer