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    Client: Conferences, organizations, and teams

    Challenge: To build your organization's capacity to manage change, design creative solutions, and work more effectively, you need insightful, engaging talks and trainings, which inspire innovations that matter and strategies that work. In addition to our core work of guiding strategic planning processes and coaching leaders, we offer a line-up of workshops that will help you achieve your goals: "Building Teams and Collaborative Projects that Succeed" "The Natural Leader: Leading from the Five Perspectives". "Maximizing Facilitation and Emotional Intelligence" "Creative Strategic Planning" "Managing the Next Generation"

    The Solution: Matt Gray has spoken at conferences, commencements, and workshops on creative leadership, community building, and innovation. Using cutting edge concepts, multimedia presentations, and engaging audience participation, Matt will design and provide a training that meets the specific needs of your event, program, or organization.

    Testimonial: "Your teaching habits are unconventional yet effective; your passion for mentoring and passing wisdom to students and attendess is incredible. You seek to create a sense of self-knowing and comfort within all of us. This is a skill that will help those you train and speak to succeed in both their personal lives and professional careers. Thank you for believing." - Alex, Creative Leadership Student

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    Client: The Denver Foundation (TDF)

    Challenge: Looking to focus a digital storytelling platform on the more intentional audience of Foundation donors, TDF needed Project Management that could create and implement a strategy to see the new vision to fruition.

    The Solution: Patience, persistence, and executing the most essential tasks at the most essential time, allowed us to guide the pivot of an open source community platform into a critical storytelling asset for The Denver Foundation.

    Testimonial: "When the inevitable challenges with our project arose, Matt took charge and managed the issues and relationships deftly, helping us to achieve our goals. He is equally comfortable working with high level professionals in the tech arena and folks in community-based environments. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a project manager. You won’t regret putting your trust in Matt." - Rebecca, Vice-President

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    Client: DOVIA Colorado, Professional Association

    Challenge: After forty years as a successful professional organization for volunteer managers in Denver, DOVIA asked the Rocky Mountain Innovation Lab to assist with designing a strategic plan that would increase brand visibility, refocus their mission, and increase membership engagement.

    The Solution: In collaboration with a very active board of directors, we developed multiple one-year plans, Thrive 2014, Flourish 2015, and Lead 2016, building the capacity and engagement of the board, clarifying roles and responsibilities, growing membership nearly tenfold while raising member satisfaction, professionalizing the brand, creating cutting edge trainings, and implementing consistent and compelling marketing strategies.

    Testimonial: "Matt guided the organization through successful strategic planning sessions and project implementation, while always holding the larger vision for our statewide organization. He compelled us to think bigger as a board and take care of accomplishing the necessary day-to-day tasks." - Erika, past-President Matt's collection of feedback from all stakeholders before the meeting allowed us to be very targeted the day we all came together. He is a great facilitator with the ability to allow a group to explore options without getting too far off the path ... Matt is easy to work with and has amazing follow-through." - Michelle, President

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    Client: Global Seed Savers

    Challenge: Founding and growing an organization, from start to launch to flourishing ... Based in Denver, CO, Global Seed Savers is committed to supporting food security in the Philippines. Through educating and empowering farmers to return to the historical practice of saving seeds they are no longer dependent on purchasing seeds after each planting or forced to use harmful chemicals to grow these seeds. Through our education and training programs Filipino Organic Farmers gain the hands-on skills and knowledge they need to propagate, store, save, and sell their own regionally adapted organic seeds. This empowers farmers to be self-sufficient and ensures that organic seeds are more readily available throughout the Philippines.

    The Solution: Over the last decade, the Rocky Mountain Innovation Lab has provided board development, vision and transition brainstorming, event and change management strategies, marketing copy and design, and executive leadership mentoring to this young and thriving nonprofit.

    Testimonial: "Matt is a compassionate and strategic leader, he brings attention to detail, enthusiasm about the mission, and astute facilitation skills to any organization he works with. While working with Matt he helped grow Global Seed Savers strategy from serving one family farm to over 70 farmers in the Philippines under a new brand and mission. He also grew the operational capacity of our Board of Directors helping us establish clear job descriptions and leadership roles for each board member." - Sherry, Executive Director

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    Client: AmeriCorps Fellows of Denver Public Schools

    Challenge: Integrating into a school community and learning to collaborate with teachers, school leadership, and parents to enrich the learning of DPS students is no small task, especially for new professionals. In addition, understanding how to effectively serve within a community takes self-awareness, dedication, and a growth mindset.

    The Solution: In collaboration with DPS’ Office of Family and Community Engagement and AmeriCorps, we are providing year long professional development and mentoring to three hundred Math and Literacy Fellows to help them become transformational community leaders and reflective educators. Monthly trainings provide skill development and new perspectives about work in schools, while 1:1 mentoring sessions offer each individual Fellow the opportunity to grow their own personal leadership style and prepare for the next step in their career.

    Testimonial: "Matt’s strengths in program design, training, and coaching have been a tremendous asset to the Denver Math Fellows AmeriCorps program. His success is evidenced in the continual growth of fellows and their consistent positive feedback of his work. It has been a pleasure to work with and learn from him." - Jason, Program Director

Our Process

Organizations risk stagnating.  Inundated with the day-to-day operations, leaders find little time to brainstorm new and innovative ideas to keep themselves and their organizations on the cutting edge.  Or the ideas flow, but leaders can’t find the time to create thoughtful strategies to implement changes with the necessary support of stakeholders. And then sometimes there’s the challenge of seeing so many different possible directions to take that leaders feel lost in the shuffle and haze. Just a little bit of clarity would help.

Sound familiar?

We’re ready to build capacity within you as a leader and with your organization to align your vision with an innovative strategy that will work for your organization. Let’s define your challenges, design your goals and break through in 2018.

“Matt has the ability get you thinking outside of the box and to shine a mirror on the great things you do as a team.”

– Emily, Nonprofit Board Leader


How do we do it?

1. Using design thinking concepts, we help you clarify your vision, making sure it’s crystal clear and that it makes sense.

2. Together, we’ll build a strategy that carefully identifies the key steps you’ll implement to reach your objectives. We’ll ensure that you observe your particular context, ask a lot of pertinent questions, gather the strongest team, and reach your full potential as an innovator.

What matters most right now that you are ready to accomplish?

3. We’ll then examine the strategy, recognizing that sometimes it’s not about overhauling the whole direction of the organization, but about creatively managing one area of work to achieve your goals. We’ll spend time determining which steps in your strategic plan are most essential.

I would highly recommend the Rocky Mountain Innovation Lab: Matt has the ability to listen intently, ask the right follow-up questions, complete thorough research and find the best path for success on a project.

– Dan, Program Director

4. We don’t leave you hanging there though.  Through our Leadership Coaching we stick by you, helping you implement the plan and manage change effectively.

You already have the creative skills necessary, our process engages and focuses that creativity into a strategy that matters.