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    Are you in need of a facilitator for your next meeting or planning process?

    Challenge: To build your organization's capacity to manage change, design creative solutions, and lead more effectively, you need processes that inspire innovation and new insights.

    The Solution
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    Is your project in need of innovative design and solid management?

    Challenge: With the demands of everyday work, it's not easy to know the best path forward for particular initiatives, or to even take the time to think through and design the best strategy for a project.

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    Is your organization considering it's next strategy?

    Challenge: It's easy to become comfortable with the way we already do business, or the way that we think we should do business because that's what everyone else is doing. Looking to the future takes time, a ...

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    Does your organization want to take staff to the next level?

    Challenge: Working effectively in an organization takes the hard skills to do the job, but it also takes the more nuanced skills of self-awareness, dedication, and a growth mindset. None of this is easy as a ...

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Recent Break Throughs

The Break Through is where we discuss leadership techniques, share thought
projects, and display examples of innovation from successful organizations.

Finding Flow

Do you ever sit down to write about something or begin thinking about how you can implement your great idea, to then discover that it's already being done, or that the topic has been extensively considered? It is rare that we are the lucky catalyst to 'invent'...

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Be Kind, Work Hard

The Two Best Things You Can Do For Your Team I have a friend that is a flight-for-life helicopter pilot, a profession that you simply have to admire. When he visited some time ago he was intrigued by my work, both the content of my consulting and the concept of...

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Deep Listening

Last week someone stopped me in the midst of a training and asked me to clarify what I meant by “deep listening.” The question should not have startled me as much as it did, since deep listening is a concept I refer to often. I’m glad that it did startle me, and I’m...

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