Question 3 of the Seven Questions Innovative Leaders Ask

from the Break Through, Vol. 1, Post 10

If our second question is about your dream as a leader for a brighter and better future with optimism and hope for what could be, then question three is all about the foresight you need to anticipate the obstacles, challenges, and difficulties that will stand in your way. Yes, the answers to this question can bring you down; it can be a time of criticism and negative insight.¬† I encourage leaders at this point though to re-orient their attitude towards the understanding¬† that these hurtles will invoke even more creativity to design even more innovative solutions. Over the next two questions, you’ll be able to face these challenges with the courage and wisdom necessary to overcome and succeed.

The step here is simple: using all the information you collected as you answered question one, using the knowledge you already have about the vision you’re working on, and using your inherent intuition, brainstorm every reasonable obstacle (and keep a list of those that come up that seem outlandish). If you’re working in isolation, this is a great time to bring in trusted friends, family, and/or colleagues.¬† Organize a think group to have them help you brainstorm potential road blocks. Analyze your vision for its weaknesses.

Leaders able to sharpen this skill of foresight and admit where the pitfalls might arise, can maneuver, adapt, and prepare, setting them up to see their vision through in a way that innovators blinded by ego, impatience, and ignorance will never realize.