Your BREAK THROUGH, Vol. 1, Post 19

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
— Albert Einstein
As demonstrated by one of my earliest posts, “When Did We Stop Practicing Creativity,” which cited a Sir Ken Robinson TED Talk, I believe that the Rocky Mountain Innovation Lab has joined the battle against rogue memorization, standardized and scripted learning, and the assumption that we can consume knowledge instead of inquiring, questioning, and fighting for wisdom. The best learning stems from experiential and exploratory education, along with the pursuit of our own individual voices and talents, and even a bit of adventure.
When I talk about the mind at this juncture of the Artist’s Wheel, I’m advocating for inspiring Einsteinian imagination. When do you get charged up about learning? What subject has you absolutely captivated? What are you reading about right now? What insights are you encountering that are changing your perspective? When and how are you engaging with new ideas, topics, histories, mysteries, and information? Keeping our minds active and fresh ensures that we are moving towards the infinite horizon of our human capacity. Creative sparks often come from new connections and new understandings about the world … we can only invite these sparks by practicing life-long learning.