Your BREAK THROUGH, Vol. 1, Post 25

I always encourage my students to seek out new perspectives about things they’re interested in, to find new things to be interested in, and to read and/or listen to reliable news stories, thinkers, and speakers. One of my first posts, “When Did We Stop Practicing Creativity,” featured Sir Ken Robinson’s infamous TED Talk that explores how creativity is lacking in our public schools.

So while listening to Colorado Public Radio a few years ago I heard about issue that is absolutely still relevant today … I was intrigued to hear this conversation about tests and Core Standards happening in schools:

While not in the right position to be an authority on education policy or school reform, I do know from my work on innovation and design that asking everyone to do the same thing, in the same way, and pretty much at the same time, can dangerously encroach on our capacity for creativity and our individual creative talents. Education, the way we educate students, and what we educate students on, is critical to solving our greatest challenges. And it’s our creativity that will lead us to the best solutions.  Have a listen …