Your BREAK THROUGH, Vol. 1, Post 26

Last week, I featured a discussion on Colorado Public Radio about the threat that core standards might have on students’ creativity, and how the lack of creative opportunities within schools can lead us to a dangerous place where we don’t have the tools necessary to overcome our greatest challenges.

Just a few days later, I read an article, “The Rise of Denver’s Creative Class,” in the Metropolitan Denver Magazine. Informed by Richard Florida’s book on the topic (pictured on the left), the article examines how the “cow town” of Denver has become a flourishing environment for careers in the industry of creativity.

Designers, artists, and entrepreneurs contribute billions of dollars to our economy, encourage us to look at our world with exciting new perspectives, and offer solutions to the problems we face.  I’m grateful to have had an arts education in high school, gone on to an interdisciplinary and creative college, and made my way into a career within the Creative Class.  I recognize the levels of privilege associated with these opportunities. But that only fuels my passion and belief that everyone should have access to an education ripe with creativity.

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