Your BREAK THROUGH, Vol. 1, Post 15
Leadership takes on many forms.  While there are only a few widely accepted, researched, and officially ‘academized’ leadership theories, and somewhere between only 12 – 20 traits or skills that a lot of people will agree on as specific and necessary to leadership, by looking at leaders of today and across history, you’ll find that leadership is diverse, protean, and incredibly nuanced.Leadership is changed by the broader context in which it happens.  Leadership is changed by personal style.  And leadership is changed by what the moment calls for the leader to do.  Great leaders observe, listen, adapt, innovate and respond to the call in a way that turns heads and transforms the context, making a positive impact.But let’s not take my rambling word for it.  The TED Radio Hour strikes again with an incredible collection of speakers and leaders who have disrupted commonly held beliefs about leadership, and thus disrupted the paradigm of the status quo. From Bunker Roy discussing the way grandmothers in India are changing society to Four Star General Stanley McChrystal exploring failure to the CEO of Facebook looking to cultivate more women leaders, Disruptive Leadership is well worth the 50 minutes.

Want something more to further balance your week? Consider breaking through your happiness paralysis … Simply Happy offers another great collection of TED Talks adapted for radio. Tapping into these understandings about happiness will change your life, your leadership, and your ability to innovate.