Your BREAK THROUGH, Vol. 1, Post 32

I remember reading this article about reusing shipping containers for architecture several years ago. The life cycle of a container intrigued me immensely, especially as you hear about more and more people from various fields and professions utilizing these as a building material. The recycling concept truly at work.

We are a trash-happy culture. It is second nature for most of us to just pop open the lid, toss it in, and forget about it … never considering what else the item might be good for … it’s these routines, repetitions, and unconscious habits that cause our creativity to stagnate, that blind us from innovative opportunities. This question of “what else?” though, is at the heart of the shipping container innovation.

“Where else might I reuse this item?” Replace the second-nature garbage toss with this simple question. Yes, often times the answer will be “nothing.” But the art of deciphering “nothing” from a break through idea, will set you ahead.

What did you reuse today?

Here’s a local Denver shipping container reuse that I’m particularly fond of, and excited to visit when the doors open!