As a facilitation and strategy partner for the Planning Trails with Wildlife in Mind 2020/2021 Document, we’re hosting this draft document.

Thank you for taking time to provide your feedback on the DRAFT Planning Trails with Wildlife in Mind document. Trails in Colorado can connect people with nature and support a high quality of life for all; proper trail management, planning, and design can minimize impacts and serve as a tool to support resilient landscapes, wildlife, and biodiversity. Written primarily for land managers and organizations seeking grant funding for trails, the 2021 version of Planning Trails with Wildlife in Mind provides an update to the 1998 version to better align with our current knowledge about how to plan trails that incorporate strategies to minimize impacts to wildlife. The document has been developed over the past year as a cooperative effort between a land manager Task Force, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and a stakeholder advisory group. The input you provide through this survey will help guide the development of a final draft by the Task Force.

Read It Here: PlanningTrailswithWildlifeinMind_03-19-21

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